Spring Dresses

Dress: Rachel Parcell (last years collection) similar | Clear Wedges: Jessica Simpson , similar cheaper option|Earrings: Versona (not online) similar

If you have followed me for any point of time, it is no secret that I LOVE Rachel Parcell’s clothing line. I love how timeless her pieces are and the feminine touches that always make them stand apart from other designers. I picked up this sweet dress last year and was so excited that she brought back a very similar version of it this year and have linked it up above. What do you look for in your ideal dress?


Leighton Michele

Blushing Florals

Dress: WayF (sold out) similar, similar, similar| Pumps: A New Day (sold out) similar, similar | Purse: Steve Madden (sold out) similar, similar | Hat: Old similar, similar

As we keep moving closer and closer to Easter weekend, I have been going back to a talk that Angie Smith gave at the If Gathering back in 2016 and I thought I’d give a recap of it today since it has been on my heart.

At the very beginning of scripture in the garden of Eden, we see two questions asked. The first one is by Satan and it is ‘Are you sure that God has your best in mind?’ and the second is by God and it is ‘where are you?’. Now, when God asked Adam and Eve where they were, it is important to realize that God had not lost them, he was asking them, what is the posture of your heart for me? God already knew where their hearts were, but by asking them Adam and Eve had to reevaluate their own hearts and find where they are. Several chapters later and hundreds of years after the garden of Eden, we find Abraham. He is now an old man and God had promised him a son that He would build a nation out of that would bless the whole world. In his old age God did grant Abraham that son, Isaac, but sometime later God tested Abraham which brings us to our first point: don’t let anyone ever tell you that God will not test you, He will never tempt you, but that is different than testing. The truth is, if we get honest God often gives us more than we can handle, and honestly, this whole life is more than we can handle, but that is why we have Him because He can handle it all. God called Abraham to take his son, his only son that he loved, up onto the mountain and to sacrifice him. On the way up the mountain as Isaac carried the wood and Abraham the fire, Isaac looked over and asked Abraham, “My father, we have the wood and fire, but where is the lamb for the sacrifice?” Abraham replied to Isaac, “God himself will provide the lamb.” We all know how the story goes at this point: right before Abraham sacrifices Isaac, God stops him and tells him that because he did not withhold anything from God, not even his only son, He knew he loved him more than anything. At this point God opens Abraham’s eyes and Abraham looks up to see a ram caught in the thicket and sacrifices the ram in Isaac’s place and walks down the mountain with his son. It is a story with a happy ending, of course Abraham can say that God is good when he walked down the mountain with his son, but what about when you walk down the mountain without your loved one as was the case with Angie Smith and me with my grandpa? It was during one such time in her life that Angie felt God leading her to go back and read this story again and again because He had something there for her. After reading it several times she realized something that changed her life and in a ripple effect has changed mine over the past several years, especially this one as I watched my Papa battle cancer and lose the battle. Go back and look at the beginning, as they were walking up the mountain, God promised to provide a lamb, He never said anything about a lamb. The promise was THE Lamb. Two thousand years later on this same mountain range, Jesus Christ was crucified on our behalf, HE was the promised lamb. When you think about who Christ is to you when you are being tested, have you spent more time with your eyes locked on the thicket or on the cross? We have no guarantees about the ram, but we have EVERY guarantee about The Lamb. He will not fail us, and these things that feel scary, we have to live it out and place our trust in Him, the Lamb of God. So as you face the two questions that have been asked since the beginning of time and continue to be asked over and over again, when you hear the enemy whisper, “are you sure?”, here’s your answer: “I’m not sure about the ram, but I am certain of the lamb.” And when you hear God asking, “where are you?” your answer is simple, “Right here Lord, ready and willing. You send me where you want me to go, and in your power and your strength I will do that.”

You guys, as I walk through life and all the scary hard trials that come with it, facing it with the realization that while I do not have the promise of the ram, but have EVERY promise of the lamb, I know I can walk through it because I won’t be alone, He will be there. Whatever you are facing in life, no matter how hard or scary, know that you are not alone, you have been promised the Lamb and He will not leave or forsake you, He has promised you this. If you’re needing encouragement right now (and honestly even if you don’t need it right now, because at some point you will need it), go watch the full talk that Angie Smith gave here. It is under seventeen minutes and SO worth every minute. As I said at the beginning, I have gone back to this so many times over the last several years and it has carried me through this past year.

I love all of you and am praying over each and every one of you this Easter season.


Leighton Michele

Easter Week

Dress: Cremieux (sold out) similar | Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Clutch: Target (sold out) similar | Earrings: Versona (not online) similar | Bracelet: Versona (sold out) similar

As we head into Easter week, I am going to share a different look with you guys each day to hopefully inspire you for your Easter outfit. I love the eyelet lace of this dress and the clear wedges add the perfect touch of being on trend. When I found these wedges I instantly fell in love with them as they made me think of a modern day version of Cinderella’s glass slippers. This dress would also pair perfectly with a cardigan if Easter happens to be a bit cooler where you live.


Leighton Michele

Easter Dress Roundup

1. Blue Floral Dress 2. Pink Lace Midi Dress 3. White Floral Dress 4. Floral Jumpsuit 5. White Off the Shoulder Dress 6. Green Lace Dress 7. Yellow Floral Dress 8. Lace Ruffle Dress 9. White Floral Dress 10. White Dress

Today I am sharing with you my top 10 picks for Easter dresses this year. I love a beautiful feminine dress, and Easter is the perfect time of year to pick up a new one to enjoy throughout the upcoming warmer months. I love all of these picks because they are right on trend for this season while all having a timeless feel to them that guarantees you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come.


Leighton Michele

Feeling Lucky

Versona Jumpsuit | Straw Bucket Purse (sold out) Similar | Lulu’s Cork Heels (Sold Out) Similar,Similar | Earrings (sold out) Similar

If you still don’t have your outfit yet for St. Patrick’s Day, don’t worry, I have you covered! I found the CUTESET jumpsuit while looking at Versona’s new spring collection and the moment I saw it I KNEW that it was perfect for St. Patty’s Day! While I would normally wear a cute green top with jeans or green earrings for this day, with the holiday falling on a Sunday I knew that I had to find something extra special to wear this year, and this jumpsuit filled all of my dreams. The best part is that I will be wearing it long after St. Patrick’s Day as it would be so cute to wear to any wedding or bridal shower as well as is a top contender for Easter. I will warn you though, I shared this look early on my Instagram Stories since I knew it would sale out fast, and it is going fast, so I would definitely not waste any time either running to your local Versona or ordering it online. (If you do expedited shipping it should still reach you in time if you order today!)


Leighton Michele

Cozy Cute

Jack’s BB Dakota Shirt | Flying Monkey Jeans (sold out) Similar, Similar| Booties (sold out) Similar

Happy March friends! I haven’t done an outfit post on here for awhile, so today I thought I would share with you an outfit that I have been wearing on repeat lately. While I am ready to pull out my complete Spring wardrobe and begin wearing cute sun dresses 24/7, the weather here in Kansas is refusing to cooperate. Most days winter weather is the norm with highs below freezing, but we have had some warmer days here and there promising that Spring will return soon. In the meantime though, I am wearing as many pastel colors as I can to try to appease my Spring fever. This shirt in particular has been a favorite of mine that I have worn at least once a week since the end of January! I love how the muted blush color acknowledges we’re not in full fledged Spring yet while still giving a nod to the hope of what is coming. My favorite way to wear it is like I did here with my black jeans, but it looks just as cute with dark or light jeans! Versatile tops like this are always such a staple in my wardrobe!


Leighton Michele

My Skincare Routine

Hello friends!

I have been receiving numerous questions lately about my skincare routine, so I decided to put it together for you! I have uploaded a video to my InstagramTV where you can see how I utilize all of the products that will be mentioned in this post. As a reference, I am 27 and have a combination skin type, so my goals are to keep my skin moisturized, control oil and preventative aging. Anyways, without further ado, lets look at my morning routine!

I like to begin each morning with washing my face and my favorite facial cleanser is the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel. If you’re not sure what cleanser or other products you are in need of, a great place to start is this skincare quiz offered by Mario Badescu, another one I have utilized as a starting place for what my skin is in need of is this quiz by Beauty Bio. While I may not use every product from that company mentioned, they have guided me in researching what I need to find for my skin type as I have tried multiple brands over the years.

After washing my face I use the Vichy Mineral 89 as a pre-serum to help protect my skin from pollutants and then follow it with Loreal’s Revitalift Hydraulic Acid. I then like to use my jade roller to make sure that it gets properly absorbed into my skin and also to reduce the early morning puffiness under my eyes. I then finish up with my daytime moisturizer, the Collagen Moisturizer by Mario Badescu. At this point I am ready to begin with my makeup for the day!

Now we can discuss my evening skincare routine. I begin by removing my makeup using makeup wipes from Walmart, I don’t use anything fancy, they just need to be able to remove my makeup for me. Once my makeup is removed I wash my face using the Enzyme Cleansing Gel from Mario Badescu and then put some Cucumber Cleansing Lotion on a cotton ball rub on my face and neck to ensure a clean canvas. At this point I use my microneedling tool over my whole face and neck. I currently have a cheaper one as I wanted to try it before investing, but since I like it so much I am definitely looking at investing into a nicer one, so I will link a cheaper as well as nicer option below! Once I am finished with microneedling, I once again use Loreal’s Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid over my face and neck rolling it in with my jade roller. I am now ready to finish up my skin with my Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream and Glycolic Eye Cream. Finally I like to use some lip balm and Monet’s Eye Wonder Eyelash Serum and I am ready to relax!

Above are my morning and evening skincare routines, but below I will share with you a few other products that I like to use as well, just not every day. The first one is Facial Nair, you place it on your face like a mask (I only do the chin, cheeks and upper lip) and let it set for five minutes. Once the time is done you wipe it off with a warm washcloth and it removes any peach fuzz on your face ensuring that you have a smooth canvas for applying your makeup. After using the Facial Nair I like to use a dermaplaner to remove any excess fuzz that the Nair might have missed as well as to exfoliate my skin. I only do this routine every two weeks as my hair does not grow fast enough to need it more often. On the off weeks from using the Nair and dermaplaner, I like to exfoliate using the Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub. It provides a gentle exfoliation while moisturizing my skin as well, and while we’re on the topic of exfoliating I exfoliate my lips 2-3 times a week using Ulta’s Watermelon Lip Scrub.

At this point I do not have any affordable retinol products that I have found that I absolutely love to implement into my skincare routine, but if I find some I will be sure to pass it on to all of you! I will link up all of these products below, and be sure to check out the video on my InstagramTV!


Leighton Michele

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel | Vichy Mineral 89 | Loreal Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid | Jade Roller | Mario Badescu Collagen Moisturizer | Mario Badescu Hydrating Facial Spray | Nyx Green Tea Blotting Paper | Pure ‘n Gentle Makeup Remover Wipes (not available online) | Cucumber Cleansing Lotion | Microneedling cheaper option, pricier option | Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream | Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream | Eye Wonder by Monat Eyelash Serum | Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub | Ulta Beauty Watermelon Lip Scrub | Dermaner by Finishing Touch | Facial Nair