Dress: Same  Shoes: Similar  Earrings: Same, but different colour

Happy Labor Day everyone!  It truly feels like we should just be celebrating Memorial Day, not already Labor Day!  Where has the time gone?  Truthfully, I don’t even feel like I’ve had a chance yet to get to enjoy summer and it is already over.  How does time do that?  The good news is though, at least in the Midwest (especially in Kansas) we still have a good month of warm weather left to enjoy before it is time to go into full fall mode, though I definitely intend to start utilizing some cardigans more often in the next few weeks.   Anyways, on to my staycation for this three day weekend!


While I definitely am experiencing the travel bug, I knew that it was not realistic to try to pull a three day vacation financially this time around.  (Thank you car probs and school bills, lol-and more on school in an upcoming post!)  To make sure I have a fun and relaxing weekend though that still felt like I had a chance to get away, I decided to give myself a staycation, so here is how I was able to  come up with some fun things to do as well as some ideas for local readers to do themselves!


While a fully lazy weekend can be nice, I knew I didn’t want to spend this weekend just lounging around and watching Netflix, so I decided to look up several things in my city that I have either enjoyed in the past or have always wanted to try and put together a sort of game plan for the weekend.  I have not done nearly all of this on the list, but I like keeping the list going for future ideas or for if something were to fall through I have a back up plan.


Drive In Movie:

I am lucky to live in a city with one of the few remaining drive in movie theatres, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I went last night with a group of friends!  I had never been to the drive-in before, but let me tell you, last night will definitely not be my last visit!  It felt like taking a step back into time to sit outside watching a movie, eating candy and hanging out with friends.  To make it even more enjoyable, they played old cartoon adds before the movie started!



My city offers bicycles that you can rent for a cheap price and use for the day while checking out all that our city has to offer.  It is a fun way to get to see our more artsy district at a slower pace and hey, you even get exercise!


Food Trucks:

Ok, this one is definitely now a favorite of mine.  We have a local “pop-up park” downtown where there are often food trucks that you can eat at, including one that is a double decker bus turned food truck!  It was actually at this pop-up park where I took the pictures for todays post, the colours are so fun and bright and at night they have lights strung up to light up the area.



I totally did this one with my family this morning.  My neighborhood I live in has a community pool for the residents, but the local water parks are also great options!  After all, this is one of the last chances to catch those rays of sun before the weather turns cold.


Coffee Shop:

I totally have a favorite local coffee shop.  It is a hole-in-the-wall kind of place that just has that perfect artsy vibe and to make it even better, all the proceeds go to help rescue girls from human trafficking.  I spend every Saturday morning here and many week nights, but Saturday mornings are my favorite to go because it is nearly empty and so quiet/.  Stay tuned for some fun pictures that will feature this coffee shop in an upcoming post!


Go On A Scavenger Hunt:

Downtown has so many fun artsy statues as well as historical and not so historical landmarks that it makes the perfect place to hold a photo scavenger hunt!  I’ve had several friends do this and it is definitely on my bucket list!


Visit a Local Park:

Most cities have a wide variety of pretty local parks.  I love going to them with a friend and just walking around while catching up.  You not only get some great exercise in and vitamin D, but you get to spend some quality time with someone you love.


Try a New Recipe:

I am actually doing this one this afternoon!  I have been wanting to make some brownies, so I am actually planning on spending this afternoon with my grandma making brownies and then of course, eating them!  Holiday weekends are the perfect time to experiment with a new recipe because everyone is in the mood for some yummy food and you won’t have to eat it all by yourself.


How have you been celebrating Memorial Day weekend?

Leighton Michele



Easter Weekend Review

This past weekend was so much fun!  If you follow me on Instagram you know that I was able to go on a road trip with my mom, grandma and sisters to visit my family for my cousin’s babies gender reveal party!  It was such a fun way to get to spend Easter weekend with my family and discovering the gender of the newest member of our family!  For the gender reveal party everything was decorated sooooo cute in baby pinks and blues.  Check out the pictures below to see just how adorable it was!



Boy or girl?  Which do you think Baby D will be?




Baby pictures of mommy and daddy were just too cute for words!!!  I cannot wait to see my new baby cousin, I am sure baby “d” is going to be the absolute cutest!!!


I loved this custom sign they had made of pregnancy symptoms for everyone to guess whether the baby would be a boy or girl based off of old wives tales.  Before you watch the video below of what baby will be, what is your guess?  Were you right?


It’s a girl!!!!  I am so excited to get to go shopping for baby girl clothes.  While baby boys are sweet and special too, everyone I know has been having nothing but boys for over five years now and I am dying to go shopping for dresses and bows!


We all stayed up so late talking and having fun, I seriously did not get to bed until midnight, which if you know me, that is crazy late for me!  I normally start winding down around nine or nine thirty and am always in bed by ten or ten thirty at the absolute latest.  I seriously LOVE my sleep, lol.  I meant to get a picture of all of us before or after church in our Easter dresses, but we all were having so much fun just being together and talking that I totally forgot to even take any pictures on Easter, oops!  We all went to  church together and then came back to my aunt and uncles house to enjoy leftover barbecue together for lunch, and let me tell you, it was GOOD!  By mid afternoon it was all too soon time to start making the trek back home.  It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but thankfully I’ll get to see them again soon and now all of the baby girl shopping can begin!  If you have children, what were your favorite things you received at your baby showers?  I am all ears for suggestions on things to buy!

What did you do this Easter?


Leighton Michele

Introducing: Lily James!


Dress: Marisol Maxi Dress by Lily James c/o Shoes: Dolce Vita Earrings: Versona 

Bracelet: Mexico

Hola from Honduras everyone!  I am so excited to announce to you that before I left for Honduras I was able to partner with The Lily James Collection as an ambassador for them this summer.  When I saw this dress on their website I knew that it was the dress I wanted to feature on here for you guys.  It was love at first sight.  I love the clean, brightness of the white, crinkle material, and the detailing down the front is just stunning!  Also, how could you not fall in love with this open back?  I am a sucker for unique details, so this back was right up my alley.  It will be perfect for the dressy summer party that you want something nice to wear but not be too hot in.  I actually ended up bringing it with me here to Honduras and wore it with a navy tank top underneath for church here!  It is so versatile and I am in love with it!  I can’t wait to share it with you how I’ve worn it here in Honduras in some posts next week on everything that has been happening here.  In the mean time know that I am loving it here and truly can’t wait to share it with all of you when I have some time to sit down and sort through all of the pictures.  In the mean time, go check out Lily James, here is a special code so you can receive 10% off your order!

code: StyledbyLeighton

Blessings from Honduras,

Leighton Michele

Poolside Must-Haves

I am so excited to share with you that I am partnering with Adore Me, to bring to you my beach day (or when you’re landlocked, poolside) must-haves.  I have joked for several years now that I am a landlocked mermaid, so when Adore Me asked me to join in with their #beachdaymusts campaign I knew that it was right up my alley.

The first thing on my list is always a cute cover-up. Depending on the event will depend on the cover-up I will wear. One of my favorite casual looks to go with a pair of cut-offs and a long kimono.  I would wear this for a day at the lake or a barbecue.  Some of my other favorite coverups include a romper, lace dress coverup, pair of overalls and other various cute summer dresses.  I love having a variety of them for the various types of pool parties that are bound to come up during the summer months as well as ones that work for a relaxed swim at my neighborhood pool.

Another important item to remember is your phone loaded up with your current favorite jams.  For me, this can range from anything from one of my favorite groups like Anthem Lights, to Carrie Underwood or taking it back to the Backstreet Boys. Whatever your mood is, having the perfect playlist to listen to with friends or just by yourself while tanning will help you escape, even if only for a few hours, to vacation mode.


Next up on my list is a cute hat.  These come in handy for when you’re not quite ready to go in yet, but have definitely met your sun quota for the day.  (Can we say avoiding sunburn?)IMG_5358

I like to bring along a fun drink too.  For me in the summer heat that will be an iced sweet tea any day.  On this particular day I had fun mixing my sweet tea with a little kool-aid to add some fun tropical flavors.  It is important though to make sure that you remember water outside of your fun drink.  It is so easy to dehydrate when hanging out at the pool, so bring that water and save yourself the trouble of feeling sick or worse later.


Pictured above are all of my must haves.  You can see my coverup, phone with headsets, sweet tea, hat and water that I’ve already mentioned.  Now lets discuss the details.  While I haven’t had a chance to really get on my tan yet, over the next several weeks you’ll notice that my tan will be getting drastically darker and it will all be thanks to Maui Babe tanning lotion and after sun lotion pictured above.  Out of all of the tanning oils I have tried I have found Maui Babe to give me the best tan at the fastest speed.  However, as much as I love my Maui Babe tanning oil, do not use it without a liberal coat of sunscreen.  If you forget the sunscreen you will end up burnt to a crisp!  (I may know from personal experience one time….)  I also love their after sun lotion because, it is so soothing and any pink I may get from my time in the sun swiftly turns into a nice tan thanks to this magic in a bottle.  Not to mention the fact that it leaves your skin feeling so silky soft afterwards and smells so good!  I also like to throw in some deodorant for those days where you know you’ll be spending time outside the water after having been wet.  I also like to keep a small bag of necessities tucked into my beach bag.


Tucked into this small bag I like to keep some hair supplies to throw my hair up in a messy bun if I need to as well as some makeup for touch-ups when I’m done swimming and some chapstick to keep my lips moisturized since the sun has such a drying effect on them.

Finally, the most important thing you can bring to the beach or pool with you this season can’t be found in your pool bag.  The most important thing you can bring is confidence in who you are.  As girls it is so easy to let insecurities creep in, especially during swim season.  Your body isn’t quite where you want it to be, you aren’t tan enough, you don’t look good enough without makeup, the list goes on and on with the ways we fall short in our eyes.  This swim season I want to encourage you to remember that your worth does not come from a perfect body or looks, rather, it comes from the fact that you are a child of God.  You can live your life with confidence knowing that because you are His you are good enough and nothing can take that away from you.


Leighton Michele