Red Doors for Valentines Dress: Antonio Melani (similar)  Earrings: Versona  Shoes: Antonio Melani (similar and on sale!) I am in love with this white dress.  It is a fulfillment of a childhood dream of mine to have a white dress similar to the one that Judy wears in White Christmas during the fake engagement … Continue reading Red Doors for Valentines

Valentines For Single Girls  Dress: Versona (Same) Valentine's Day, everywhere you look on Instagram and Pinterest these days you see red, pink and hearts galore.  For many people, the thought of this special holiday coming up has them sooooo excited for a special evening with their special person.  However, for another group of people, this time of year … Continue reading Valentines For Single Girls

My Workplace Uniform Button-up: Same  Cardigan: Similar  Pencil Skirt: Versona (Similar)  Shoes: Same Ones From Here  Happy Monday everyone!  I can't get over how fast this weekend has flown by so fast, but I thought I would start the work week out for you with some fun workplace fashion.  This … Continue reading My Workplace Uniform