Raincoat Weather









Raincoat: Same (and on sale!) Shirt: Similar Shoes: Stuart Weitzeman Corkswoon (Similar) Earrings: Same in Navy

This past weekend it rained like crazy here in the Midwest, which had me pulling one of my favorite rain jackets back out.  I love the wide stripes of this jacket, it gives it such a fun, nautical feel.  It is the perfect jacket for either dressing up or down.  Saturday I mostly just kind of chilled out not doing a whole lot other than running some errands towards the end of the day, but yesterday more than made up for how chill Saturday was!   I have a dance recital in two weeks and we had tech rehearsal in the afternoon.  I am getting so excited to dance on stage again, but it is also bittersweet since this is my last recital.

What did your weekend look like?


Leighton Michele

Easter Weekend Review

This past weekend was so much fun!  If you follow me on Instagram you know that I was able to go on a road trip with my mom, grandma and sisters to visit my family for my cousin’s babies gender reveal party!  It was such a fun way to get to spend Easter weekend with my family and discovering the gender of the newest member of our family!  For the gender reveal party everything was decorated sooooo cute in baby pinks and blues.  Check out the pictures below to see just how adorable it was!



Boy or girl?  Which do you think Baby D will be?




Baby pictures of mommy and daddy were just too cute for words!!!  I cannot wait to see my new baby cousin, I am sure baby “d” is going to be the absolute cutest!!!


I loved this custom sign they had made of pregnancy symptoms for everyone to guess whether the baby would be a boy or girl based off of old wives tales.  Before you watch the video below of what baby will be, what is your guess?  Were you right?


It’s a girl!!!!  I am so excited to get to go shopping for baby girl clothes.  While baby boys are sweet and special too, everyone I know has been having nothing but boys for over five years now and I am dying to go shopping for dresses and bows!


We all stayed up so late talking and having fun, I seriously did not get to bed until midnight, which if you know me, that is crazy late for me!  I normally start winding down around nine or nine thirty and am always in bed by ten or ten thirty at the absolute latest.  I seriously LOVE my sleep, lol.  I meant to get a picture of all of us before or after church in our Easter dresses, but we all were having so much fun just being together and talking that I totally forgot to even take any pictures on Easter, oops!  We all went to  church together and then came back to my aunt and uncles house to enjoy leftover barbecue together for lunch, and let me tell you, it was GOOD!  By mid afternoon it was all too soon time to start making the trek back home.  It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but thankfully I’ll get to see them again soon and now all of the baby girl shopping can begin!  If you have children, what were your favorite things you received at your baby showers?  I am all ears for suggestions on things to buy!

What did you do this Easter?


Leighton Michele

Finally Switching Out My Wardrobe






I am loving the Spring Weather that has finally made its way back to Kansas this past weekend.  It gave me the final push of motivation to actually pull all of my spring clothes officially out of storage and pack the winter clothes away.  It is always a full morning or afternoons job, but I feel so much better once it is done.  I didn’t get any pictures of my method, but I thought I’d share a few things I’ve learned over the years to make the packing and unpacking of seasonal clothes easier.

The first thing I always do is I pull the new seasons of clothes out of storage and place them in neat stacks on my bed, I then take all of the old seasons clothes and sort through what I know I’ll want for the next year packing it away and creating a pile of items that didn’t get worn a lot in a bag to donate.  I always keep a 3-4 pieces from the previous season out just in case the weather decides to go backwards again, but other than those few pieces, it all gets placed away in either bins or this old dresser in my storage room.  Now for all the new clothes, this is the fun part!  I choose a stack and start putting things away where I like to keep them, keeping similar things in the same area to make it easier to categorize them.  Once again I pull out any pieces that I don’t think that I will wear and place them in the donate bag.  Any pieces that I am on the fence about whether they will actually get worn or not I put up in my hanger with the hanger backwards facing me instead of away from me.  If I reach the end of the season and the hanger is still backwards I’ll know that the item was never worn and can be donated.

What are some of your tips for organizing your closet and surviving the transition between seasons?  Comment below or shoot me an email with them, I always love to get new ideas to make the transition smoother!

Happy Monday!

Leighton Michele

P.S. Isn’t this shirt just darling?  It can also be worn as a one shoulder, off the shoulders or strapless!

Raincoat Roundup


They say that April showers bring May flowers, and if there is any truth to that then May is going to have some beautiful flowers this year!  Yesterday was the first day of sun in two weeks, so needless to say, cute rain outfits have been on my mind these past few weeks.  Even though we are finally experiencing sun now, I know that more rain is going to come, so I have rounded up my top 5 favorite raincoats.  The best part?  While not only keeping you warm and dry, they are classics that make an adorable statement.


ONE: Yellow Coast Guard

TWO: Navy Floral

THREE: Big Stripes

FOUR: Smaller Stripes

FIVE: Living Pink

Below I’m sharing one of the ways I’ve been styling my Yellow Coast Guard raincoat through these past rainy weeks.  I have loved the bright pop of color it adds when the skies are so dreary, like a ray of sunshine.


Leighton Michele










Spring Palm Trees









Shirt: Similar Blazer: Same Heels: Same from this post

Here in the Midwest the weather is so fickle, it can literally be in the eighties one day and forty the next!  (True story for this past week especially.)  The cooler weather does not change my desire to dress like spring though, so bright colored tanks like this one layered with blazers are my go-to’s for the weather these days.  Ever since I thought to pair these two together this outfit has been on repeat for the past three weeks and I don’t see it leaving my wardrobe rotation anytime soon.  I actually can’t wait to pair it with a pair of white chino shorts and sandals for a fun polished look this summer.

What are your go-to’s when you’re wanting to dress like spring and the weather is so fickle?


Leighton Michele

Spring Look Book

I was so excited when Versona came to me and asked me to go take a look at their Spring Look Book collection.  If you have followed my blog for any amount of time then you know that Versona is easily one of my favorite stores and I just dearly loved getting to see all of their new outfits!  Choosing just one item was sooo hard!  As you can see in the picture above, I was debating between an adorable spring skirt, off the shoulder blouse, a dress some fun pants and a cold shoulder blouse.  To make it even harder, they all looked so cute on and felt so comfortable!  I tried to take pictures of all of them, but accidentally missed pictures of the skirt and off the shoulder top, sorry!

If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen my Instagram story with all of these outfits a week ago and know how much I was loving all of them!  I have so many ways I can think of to wear all of them, but obviously it wasn’t an option to choose all of them (budgets sure can stink sometimes!) but I did end up choosing a piece that I dearly love!  After a lot of debate I decided on….. the dress!






Dress: Same c/o Bracelet: Similar Earrings: Same Shoes: DSWSimilar

I am seriously head over heels in love with this dress!  I have every intention of wearing it for Easter this year.  It has that classic, vintage silhouette that I am such a fan of and the floral pattern is just perfect for this time of year. I ended up choosing these earrings and the bracelet at Versona to go with the dress and they played double duty by also being my jewelry in my besties wedding yesterday.  (You’ve got to love those versatile pieces!) I am not going to lie though, I still have my eye on a few pieces that I saw there and am planning on going back to get.  The skirt was such a fun silhouette and a great length, so it is definitely on my list of items to get soon.  (I mean, that bow detailing on the front is a dream!)  I also am really loving the black and while striped bell sleeve top, I can picture wearing that to work in the summer sometimes with either slacks or a nice pencil skirt and could be easily transitioned into the night by changing out the bottoms for some cute white jeans or shorts.  I also really loved the off the shoulder shirt.  All to often this style is adorable but won’t stay off the shoulder, yet this one actually does stay, which would make it a great addition to the wardrobe.

What are some of your favorite pieces in Versona’s Spring Look Book collection?


Leighton Michele

Vineyard Vines and a Weekend Recap









Shep Shirt: Similar White Jeans: Similar (I have last years version of these)  Hat: Same

This past weekend our beautiful, warm spring weather decided to turn cold on us again, but the good news is that it is supposed to be warm again by the end of this week, but the freezing cold sure made it interesting!  This coming weekend I am going to be in my best friends wedding, and since it is a Spring wedding and I am winter white, I knew I would want to get a spray tan.  My big dilemma was that I have never had a spray tan before and wasn’t sure if I would like the results, I’ve heard way too many stories of orange spray tans!  To make sure that I wouldn’t make a decision I would regret, I arranged with the lady to go ahead and do a practice run this past Saturday to make sure I would like it, and oh my word, I am loving having my “summer tan look” back!  It was soooo super easy, which was so great, and I am totally at ease about going back to get it again for the wedding.  For those who have never had a spray tan before, I found THIS video on youtube to be super helpful and all of her tips really did work great.

With the sudden cold front though I have been having to find ways to layer up while still looking “springy” (is that even a word???), so my shep shirt from Vineyard Vines has been on mega repeat this weekend.  It is so comfy and versatile, not to mention the perfect preppy piece.  I love the navy and pink color scheme, it is one of my favorites and this shirt just pulls it off perfectly.  Be prepared to definitely see more of it as summer approaches!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic Monday!  What did you do this past weekend?


Leighton Michele