Hi, I’m Leighton Michele, a fashion and lifestyle blogger! I make my home here in the midwest in the exact middle of the united states where we can barely even consider ourselves a city, but proudly claim the fact of being the only city in my home state, Kansas. And before you even bother to ask, yes, we are the home of The Wizard of Oz, but while we do have many farms still here, we are much more than farmland these days. I live within a 2-5 hour driving distance of four major cities that I like to go visit on a regular basis and love to share my adventures here on my blog. Living in the midwest is such a fun adventure, we have what I consider one of the most unique culture blends in the United States. You’ll find everything from hints of the East Coast prepsters, to the relaxed West Coast vibe and always plenty of influence of that good old Southern hospitality. Here at En Pointe Chic I enjoy sharing my life with you, whether that is a fun outfit that I’ve enjoyed to an adventure I’ve recently been on. Basically anything that I would want to share with my family or close friends can be found here as well. I LOVE chatting with all of you, so please always feel free to send me an email and stay connected with me on social media!

Xoxo, Leighton Michele



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