Hi everyone!  I’m Leighton Michele, ever since I was a little girl playing dress up I have loved fashion, and quite honestly, it hasn’t changed much over the years!  From a young age I have loved to write, back then it generally was about some princess, and while I hope my writing has grown in depth over the years, I definitely still love to leave a little glitter everywhere I go, including in my writing.  I wear many hats in my life, I am an optician by day, and take dance classes by night, which definitely inspired the name En Pointe Chic.  I decided to start blogging as a creative outlet where I can have fun sharing fashion as well as my everyday life with my family, friends and anyone else who wants to join me on this journey!  I share a little bit of life, a little bit (or a lot…) of style and everything in between! If it is something I want to share with my friends or family, you will find it here… whether that is a trip I’ve gone on, a book I’ve recently read and loved, a personal challenge or goal I am setting for myself, or an outfit I think is cute!  I LOVE chatting with all of you, so please always feel free to send me an email!

xoxo, Leighton Michele


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