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Dress: Rachel Parcell- old (similar) | Wedges: Vionic- sold out (similar) | Hat: A New Day- sold out (similar) | Belt: HM

Over the years, I have learned that while trends come and go, if a style is key to my personal style, it is worth it to invest in a piece that I will wear for years to come. For me, my personal style is definitely feminine and girly, involving lots of skirts and dresses, with a touch of edge come fall and winter when I bring out all the darker colours and often wear all black ensembles. Because I know what my signature style is, I love it when I find a brand that I know carries pieces that are true to my signature style that I will be able to love for years. As most of you know, one of my most favorite brands is easily Rachel Parcell (and no, this post is not sponsored, though that would be a DREAM sponsorship!).

The dress I am wearing here is one that I picked up from her fall collection two or three years ago, but I wanted to share it because it is proof that when you buy pieces that are true to your personal style, they will stand the test of time. I have worn this dress so many different ways over the years, but every year I get excited to pull it out of my closet and style it in a new way to fit the new year and season. True to my signature style, it is very feminine, but to add the hint of edge that I often add in the fall I added this fun hat and belt. As the weather gets even cooler I’ll change up the wedges for a pair of black ankle boots.

One of my secrets for discovering what my personal style is that I watch for what pieces I get excited to wear again each year. If I keep reaching for a piece over and over again, especially year after year, I know that there is an element about it that is true to me. Look at the pieces that you keep reaching for and ask yourself, “what is it about these pieces that makes me always reach for them?” Also look to see if there is a particular brand you are always drawn to, there is something about this brand that reflects your style. Having that go-to brand can make shopping so much easier and also guide you as you are searching for new pieces to add to your wardrobe. These elements are the secrets to unlocking your personal style.


Leighton Michele

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