Caught My Eye

It’s hump day!  I am so excited for the weekend, all I seriously want to do is just curl up and S-L-E-E-P!  Haha, I am seriously so tired it isn’t even funny.  I am so ready for a nice relaxing weekend of catching up with friends and my ZzZzZz’s.

ONE: Anne

I grew up watching the classic Anne of Green Gables with Megan Follows and reading the beloved books, so I was so excited to see that Netflix is going to be doing a series based on these books.  While I’m not sure any remake can fully live up to the originals, I am still looking forward to this remake!

TWO: Cold Shoulder Shirt

After wearing this shirt on Monday on my Instagram story I have received so many requests for where I bought it.  I decided to go ahead and answer the question here so that everyone could know the answer, lol.  I got it at Dillard’s and am absolutely loving it, and even better?  It is under $40!  I bought it in the baby blue seersucker version, while they don’t have this material available online, they do have a darling light chambray version, or if you really want the seersucker like mine, head on over to your local Dillard’s to pick it up there!

Happy hump day!

Leighton Michele

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