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Today’s post is one that I am very excited about.  It is part two from this post last week in our three part Friday series about defining your style and building a wardrobe that you love.  Last week we discussed the steps I have used to define your personal style.  Now that you’ve defined your personal style we are going to talk about how to put that into action and build a wardrobe that you love.


Step One: Going Through Your Own Closet

The first step, while it sounds simple, is actually a hard one.  I actually still catch myself weeding through my closet on a regular basis finding the occasional item that slipped past my notice the last time I went through it.  How I go through this process is I literally pull everything out of my closet and dresser and lay it in a pile on my bed.  From here I sort through all of the items keeping my list of what I want to define my style close at hand.  I make three piles at this point.  One pile for clothes that are definite keepers, one to donate and a final one for those few items I just haven’t decided what to do with yet.  Now that I have my three piles I grab some sacks and bag up all of the clothes I want to donate and put them aside for my next trip to goodwill.  (For those who are actually motivated enough you could try to sale these first, but I rarely make the time though I probably should.)  Set your third pile of I don’t knows aside for awhile and lets focus on the clothes you want to keep.

Now it is time to look and what you have left.  From here I like to get a notepad or make a new note on my phone for outfit ideas.  This is where you purge yet again!  For me to vouch for keeping a piece of clothing it has to be versatile or I have to really love it.  To keep track of what I have I go through what I have and make notes of the different outfits I can make out of what I have in my wardrobe, especially ones that are my own version of ones on Pinterest that I really love.  This list will make it so much easier to remember what you have as well as some good go-to combinations for those days you just don’t want to think about what to wear.


Step Two:  All Of Those Maybes

Now that you have sorted through all of your clothes, put your clothes that you love back in your closet and dresser.  What I do next is a trick a friend told me one time, all of those maybes I hang up backwards in my closet.  If I wear them, the next time I hang it up it gets hung up normal like my other clothes, but if I reach the end of the season and the hanger is still backwards, I know that it is just wasting closet space and I donate it.


Step Three:  Filling The Empty Holes In Your Closet

Now, that your closet has been purged of all of its clutter, it is time to pull out the list you made from the previous post of the items you already know you love but do not own.  As I told you last time, for me, this was button downs and puffer vests.  This is where you have to start using your budget wisely to begin slowly adding to your wardrobe the items that you know will be the competing touches to your wardrobe.

Next week we will discuss a huge saver for me: learning when to use alterations.

Until then, I hope you are all having a wonderful week!


Leighton Michele

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