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Have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet and even though it is filled with clothes caught yourself saying, “I have nothing to wear!”  If you have, you are not the only girl in the world to have been in this situation.  I have stood in those very shoes multiple times throughout my life, but over the past couple of years, I have discovered some secrets that have taken the anxiety out of getting ready.  For me, the biggest thing was discovering what my personal style was and actually staying true to it, so today we are going to discuss how to define what your personal style is.  Before we start that though, I want to give a disclaimer, this is the method I used to define my personal style.  I didn’t read any books or articles that helped me, this is just the steps I stumbled through while trying to discover what my style was and working on building a wardrobe I loved.  With that out of the way though, here are the steps I did go through that were helpful in defining what my style was.



1:  Pinterest

The first big thing that really helped me figure out what I loved was the very thing that can cause confusion: Pinterest.  The trick was learning to use pinterest to my advantage rather than as a disadvantage.  The first thing I did was I went through and organized my fashion boards by season as well as a few for special occasions.  (aka, dressing up, work, etc.)  While I did this, I also deleted any pins that I didn’t think that I would actually want to wear in real life.

Now that your boards are more organized, go to the board for the season you are currently in.  At the time it was winter when I did this, so I went to my winter board and I started going through it looking for common threads.  For instance, I discovered that I pinned a lot of different puffer vest outfits with plaid and gingham button ups, but I barely owned any of these.

2: Make Lists

Now it is time to start making lists of the items that you see are repeated throughout the different outfits. Like I mentioned above, I discovered a lot of puffer vests, but I also discovered a lot of midi skirts, dresses and shep shirts, all of which I owned very little of.  This is also the point where I started writing down the words that described the common theme I was seeing among these outfits.  These words will also be a good guiding point for you as you go about in fine tuning your wardrobe.  By the end of this process the words I had written down that I wanted to define my personal style were: Preppy, Classy/Classic, Vintage Silhouettes (aka 1940’s-50’s), Timeless, Romantic and Feminine.

3: Analyzing Your Wardrobe and Filling the Empty Holes

Now that you know the look you are going for, it is time to head to your wardrobe.  What do you have in your wardrobe that fits inside the lists?  When I finally went to my wardrobe you could literally find everything BUT what I actually wanted because I had just bought whatever I thought looked cute on everyone else.  The problem with that philosophy though was that I now had a wardrobe filled with inspiration from other peoples style and not with what I actually loved.  I ended up having to do a pretty big wardrobe overhaul, but hopefully you’ll be able to find a lot already inside your wardrobe that will work for you!  The trick now is, go through what is left after you have purged, how are you doing? What items on your list that you found yourself pinning a lot of on pinterest are missing?  These are your investment pieces.  Prioritize which ones you need the most and start looking for pieces that will that will be your “wardrobe completers”.

4: Maintaining Your Wardrobe

This now is the trick, if you stay true to what your personal style is every time you go shopping, with time you will eventually have a wardrobe you love and you will only have to do upkeep when a piece wears out. While it might be a little expensive in the beginning, over time it actually ends up saving you money because you won’t feel the urge to go shopping near as much if you already love everything in your wardrobe.

Now that you’ve heard my tricks on creating a wardrobe you love, what are some tricks that you have learned over the years?  Also, check back next Friday for the next part in this three part series for: Building A Wardrobe You Love.  We touched on this one some this week, but we will go in further depth next Friday on building up that wardrobe that takes away the blues when it is time to get ready in the morning.


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