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Hey everyone!  In case you didn’t already know this, I am an avid reader and always tend to have a pile of books nearby.  To be totally honest, I am actually pretty quirky when it comes to reading, I have been known to read the last chapter of a book before starting it to make sure I liked the ending before starting at the beginning and reading through the book.  I know that isn’t conventional, but let me tell you, it has saved me from many reads over the years that did not have a satisfactory ending.  😉

As I’m sure you’ll notice when going through my current list of books to read, I tend to like a wide variety of books and don’t generally stick to just one genre.  I blame my dad for this since he introduced me to so many great authors while growing up…. and while they definitely were not the typical authors for a child, I still to this day dearly love those books I read growing up.  Anyways, here are the books that are currently on my to read list:

Christy and Todd: The Baby Years

I have been a huge fan of the Christy Miller series for years and am so excited that the author is continuing the series and we are now getting to see Christy and Todd as parents.  For those who aren’t familiar with the series, the books start when Christy is a freshman in high school and follows them through college to newlyweds and now parents.  Seriously, if you haven’t read these books before, run and get them.  They are the best and give you all the feels while, especially in the newest books, being totally real.  You feel like Christy and Todd could literally be the family next door.

The Siren

I loved The Selection Series by Kiera Cass and just found out about this book called The Siren by her and am dying to read it!  It is supposed to be about a girl who is a siren and a twist on Hans Christian Anderson’s version of The Little Mermaid.  I really am not fully sure what to expect in the direction the book will take ending wise, but I loved Kiera Cass’s other books enough to want to give this one a try.

The Magnolia Story

I don’t know about you, but I love Chip and Joanna Gaines and enjoy watching Fixer Upper, so while I haven’t had a chance to read this book yet, I am definitely looking forward to reading this one soon hopefully!  I have definitely thumbed through it every time I’m in a book store, but I can’t wait to actually get in it and read all about what brought them to where they are and made them “them”.  Has anyone else read this one?  What are your thoughts on it?  All of my friends who have read it have been loving it!

Well, it’s not a long reading list, but life is so busy right now, I don’t have enough time for one any longer.  What is on your reading list?


Leighton Michele

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