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I seriously have travel bug soooo bad right now!  It really makes me wish for the “good old days” back when I was in school and had a spring break every year.  I am just dying to go to the beach or some place hot that involves water.  Anyone else with me?  The good news is that with the warmer weather weekend trips are definitely becoming more feasible and I am definitely putting some on the calendar!  Now for what has been catching my eye this week….


ONE: This Beauty and the Beast Trailer!!!

Ok, I am sooooo obsessed with the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out in May, I even am getting tickets to see it the night before it is supposed to release!  This trailer that stumbled across my facebook newsfeed is definitely not helping this fever either!  I mean, the whole outlook on life that it shows from the beast as well as new clips I haven’t seen before…. I am seriously in love with this movie already!  Can March 17th just hurry up and get here please????????

TWO: Runaway Bride

Ok, I have to admit, I am not the most up to date when it comes to movies.  I tend to watch the old classics, and even not so classics, so when friends talk about movies I am generally quite lost.  However, while talking with one of my friends after church last week she brought up this movie from the late nineties and I have to say, I absolutely loved it!  Definitely a good evening movie to just chill out and unwind while watching after work.

THREE: The Joules Right as Rain Collection

I totally stumbled upon this collection on accident thanks to Pinterest, but let me say I am just in love with Joules’s right as rain collection!  They have the most adorable rain accessories for the whole family including raincoats that are to die for!  I am especially in love with the yellow coast waterproof jacket, it even has adorable striped lining!  *insert heart-eyed smiley face*  I can just picture wearing this with skinny jeans and an adorable pair of rainboots when the spring showers start, and we all know that they are on their way!

Happy Humpday!

Leighton Michele

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