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Shirt:Same and on sale!!!  Vest: Same and also on sale! Duck Boots: Similar Sunglasses: Same

Here in the Midwest we’re experiencing the craziest weather, it is literally in the seventies one day and the upper thirties, low forties the next.  I literally don’t know what to wear from day to day!  If you follow me on my instagram page then you have definitely seen the evidence of this.  Some days I am dressed like up above in a cozy flannel and vest and the next  I am wearing short sleeves and fun spring colors!  Oh Midwest weather, you sure can be crazy!  I think this time of year is one of the hardest times of year for me to keep my closet organized because I am still needing my winter clothes, but I keep finding myself digging into my summer tubs of clothes to pull out much needed lighter clothes on those days that are getting warmer.  Does anyone have any good tips for staying organized in the closet department during this time of year?  I could definitely use them!

What has the weather been like where you live?

Leighton Michele


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