Winter Coats I’m Loving


I know, I know, no one is wanting to think about coats right now, rather, we all have spring on our minds and want to be outside in short sleeves!  However, let me tell you from experience, right now is the PERFECT time of year to start getting some coats that you can enjoy next year as well as during the few cold snaps that are left for the season.  February is the season of clearancing all things winter, and I have even done the hard work for you and rounded up my top 5 favorite winter coats that are on sale for you.  So, enjoy the list below and stock up for next winter.

1: Royal Blue Faux Collar Jessica Simpson at Dillards

2: Black Double Breasted Guess at Dillards

3: Karl Lagerfeld Military Inspired Peacoat at Dillards

4: The Classic London Fog Trench Coat at Dillards

5: Karl Lagerfeld Wool Fringe Tweed Coat at Dillards

Which one is your favorite?

Happy Weekend!

Leighton Michele


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