Valentines For Single Girls


 Dress: Versona (Same)

Valentine’s Day, everywhere you look on Instagram and Pinterest these days you see red, pink and hearts galore.  For many people, the thought of this special holiday coming up has them sooooo excited for a special evening with their special person.  However, for another group of people, this time of year can definitely be a hard time to feel any form of happiness at the thought of being single.  As a fellow single girl, I want to challenge all of my single readers to do so much more than to just survive this Valentine’s day, but to actually thrive!  I know, I know, easier said than done, right?  For me, I have found a couple of tricks for this over the years that I am going to share with you now.  The first and most important one is this:  embrace the single years.  Now, that does not mean you are giving up your desire for marriage and a family of your own.  It quite simply means finding the purpose God made you to fill and living in it.  Once I stopped thinking that my life wouldn’t “really begin” until I got married and started truly living life now and choosing to serve God now, being a single girl became soooooo much easier.  I love filling my days talking with people, catching up with friends, going to dance classes, mentoring younger girls and just living life.   Let me tell you, my life is filled to the brim with joy and I love every moment of it.  Now, this does not mean that when God brings the right man along that I won’t be ready for it, I will definitely love that stage of life when it comes, but in the mean time I have learned to love this stage of life for the unique opportunities that it has brought too.

Now for a practical way to act on this ON Valentine’s Day.  Every year for the past several years I have invited every single girl I know that is not currently in a relationship to a special “galentines.”  We all dress up in fancy dresses, go out to dinner together and then take ourselves to our favorite chocolate shop Cocoa Dolce to treat ourselves to chocolate.  It has become a tradition that I greatly look forward to every year.  The best news is, it is not too late for you to plan your own galentines this year!  Make a list of all the single girls you know that you want to invite and get the message out to them FAST.  For me, this is done in the form of a group chat on Facebook.  I am able to get fast responses from everyone and any questions that need to be answered only have to be answered once instead of several times over.  A fun option also is to put together cute goodie bags for your guests filled with some chocolate and nail polish to make your friends feel special this year.  So, who wants to join me in not just surviving, but THRIVING this Valentine’s Day?

Please, if you do decide to throw your own galentines, I would LOVE to see picture of it and hear about it!  Tag me in any photos on Instagram to make sure I can see them!  (My Instagram name is @leightonmichele)


Leighton Michele

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