Caught My Eye

Hey everyone, it’s hump day! Wow, I don’t know about you, but this past weekend just flew by before I could even blink.  It makes a girl think with longing for the longer, slower paced days of summer.  I’ve decided to start a new series on Wednesdays where I’ll share a few things that have caught my attention/ I’m enjoying at the moment.  These posts called “Caught My Eye”  will literally be anything from a movie I am wanting to see, a book I’ve read, a good sale going on to a cute outfit I am loving.  I can’t wait to have this opportunity to share a little more with you guys about things I am finding throughout the week and loving.  Anyways, without further ado, the first ever “Caught My Eye”!

ONE: Studded Pumps

To start things off are These Studded Pumps from Dillards.  NO WORDS.  I’ve been drooling over studded pumps for awhile, but I am seriously loving these in the ink with nude accents.

TWO: Beauty And The Beast Trailer

Is anyone else counting down days until Beauty and the Beast releases?  I was head over heals in love with Cinderella and am quickly falling for this new remake of a Disney classic I grew up loving.   Emma Watson as Belle seems to be a perfect fit from the trailer and I can’t wait to see the whole cast in action….. 45 DAYS!!!!

 THREE:  Kate Spade Books

I am loving the looks of these books by Kate Spade: Style, Occasions, and Manners.  They all look so good!  Has anyone else read them?  They are definitely finding their way onto my reading list, not to mention the fact that the watercolors and photographs inside look to die for.

FOUR: Lilly Pulitzer Daily Agenda

I am LOVING my new Lilly Pulitzer daily agenda that I picked up at Barnes & Nobles this past weekend for half off! It is sooooo cute with fun Palm Springs inspired water colors and cute stickers to mark vacations that I am already dying to take.  Seriously, this is the cutest daily planner for a great price right now.

FIVE: Flower Wrap Dress

I am loving this flower wrap dress I found at Versona.  The floral pattern is just so pretty and it would be perfect to wear for either Valentine’s Day, an early spring wedding or for a night out.  I love the fact that it has the spring time pattern with long sleeves for those cooler early spring days.

Until Next Time,

Leighton Michele

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