Layering Up







Sweater: Same (and it’s on sale!!!!)  Gingham Button-up: Same (also on sale!!!)  Scarf: Similar  Shoes: Same from this post

Happy Fri-yay!  I totally have a confession to make everyone, Monday I showed you my work uniform, well, I might as well have titled this post: Leighton’s other uniform, haha.  Seriously, I wear various variations of the outfit above both to work and outside of it.  I am really such a baby anymore when it comes to the cold, so the more layers the better in my book.  I almost always have on a button up, sweater/puffy vest (or both!) and a scarf or hat.  Then just change out the bottoms for either jeans or leggings outside of work or slacks if I’m going to work.  I honestly wore a variation of this very outfit with purples yesterday.   Does anyone else have very specific styles that they love that are basically their “uniforms”?  Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Now I’m scared to post more winter outfits because you are totally going to start seeing how true it is that this is literally my formula for getting ready in the winter, lol.  What are your go to outfits that you can always count on?  You’re quickly discovering mine!  (Why, they basically make up my whole wardrobe in just various combinations)  I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and I’ll see you Monday!


Leighton Michele


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