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Button-up: Same  Cardigan: Similar  Pencil Skirt: Versona (Similar Shoes: Same Ones From Here 

Happy Monday everyone!  I can’t get over how fast this weekend has flown by so fast, but I thought I would start the work week out for you with some fun workplace fashion.  This outfit is practically  my work uniform.  I seriously wear some variation of this outfit to work multiple times a week, if not the whole week.  Working at a local optometrists office as an optician my ideal outfit involves a nice office appropriate look while still being comfortable enough to move around in as I help patients.  I love how easy it is to put together this outfit the night before so that I can just get up and get ready in the morning.  Like seriously, I have done so many variations of this outfit now that I can throw it together in under five minutes!  The pencil skirt gives it a nice clean line, and tying the button-up helps define your waist while giving it a more fitted look.  High heels are a must have for almost any outfit for me, and work is definitely not an exception.  Add some cute jewelry and you are ready for a day at work!  What are some of your favorite workplace fashion ideas?

I know it sounds crazy since most people dread Mondays, but I seriously do love my job and look forward to going to work each day, though I do love the weekends when they come.  The hardest part of the day is when the alarm goes off and I have to crawl out of bed, haha.  Once I get out and get ready though, I seriously am always so excited to go to work.  Working with people you love and doing something you enjoy makes a world of difference!

Hope you all have a great Monday!

Leighton Michele

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