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Blazer: Similar  Striped Shirt: Same  Necklace: Similar  Shoes: Same (limited sizes available)

This outfit makes me feel like a princess every time I wear it, probably because I literally borrowed the inspiration for it from Princess Kate!  🙂   I first saw her wearing this outfit on pinterest here and immediately started brainstorming how I could put it together in my own wardrobe, the only problem I’ve had was tracking down some wedges like hers.  I finally found out that hers were the corkswoon wedges by Stuart Weitzeman, but needless to say, they were way out of my budget.  I kept looking for some that had the same look in my budget, but after several years of looking, I was honestly giving up hope when I found THE Stuart Weitzeman wedges within my budget basically new on Poshmark!!!!  I think I screamed loud enough for the whole world to hear I was so excited, lol!

Anyways, now every time I wear this outfit I have fun imagining what it must be like to be the Duchess of Cambridge out and about on royal business.  I mean, after all, haven’t we all dreamed of being Cinderella at one point in our lives, and Kate Middleton literally is the real life Cinderella story.

Does anyone else love the royal fashion as much as I do?  She is seriously one of my favorite style icons, so classy!  What are some of your favorite Kate Middleton looks?

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Leighton Michele

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