Winter Weather


I don’t know what the weather is looking like where you live, but in my corner of the midwest, it is looking like the snow globe up above: a winter wonderland.  The only problem is, instead of beautiful white snow, it is all ice!  When I left work today my car was literally covered in a thin sheet of ice and I had to sit in it for nearly ten minutes with the defroster on high before it was melted enough to be able to scrape the windows!

With the winter weather here in full force, I am going to be spending the weekend at home cozy next to the fire.  With a weekend like that stretching before me, it got me to thinking of what I wanted to do with a whole weekend with no where to go.  I love being home, but when I know I am literally trapped by the weather, cabin fever can kick in pretty fast, so I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to stave off cabin fever during these long winter weekends.

The first thing on my list is reading.  I have a pile of books I received for my birthday and Christmas back in December that I am just dying to read!  A good book has the power to make me forget where I am, what the weather is outside and transport me to another place and time.  Some of the books in my “to read pile” right now are:

A Baxter Family Christmas by Karen Kingsbury

Extreme Prayer by Greg Pruett

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis (I read this one a long time ago in high school, but I am wanting to reread it now.)

The Royal Wedding Series by Rachel Hauk

I have many others on the list too, but these will give me a good starting point for the weekend.

Often in the evenings when I come home from work I change quickly to head to a dance class, or I have other things that need to get done, so I do not get the opportunity often to sit down and watch a good movie or catch up on a tv show I like.  This weekend however will be the perfect chance to sit down and have that Netflix binge watching weekend I’ve been dreaming about for awhile.  Anyone have any good suggestions I should watch?

Games are a fun option that the whole family can get involved in.  Being trapped in the house is the perfect opportunity to be able to spend some good, quality time with my family and games provide a fun atmosphere to hang out in.  A few favorites for us are Pit, Uno, Battle of the Sexes, Swap and Skip-bo.

What is the weather where you live this weekend?  Anyone else going to be staying at home due to weather?  If so, how are you planning on beating the cabin fever?

Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!


Leighton Michele


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