Blue and Grey Tones


Dress: Copper Key-same  Sandals: Gianni Bini-same  Purse: Kate Spade-same  Necklace: Ana and Ava-similar Earrings:  The Limited-same

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to finally be back and blogging with all of you!  For the first time I decided to try to link all of my items, and when I couldn’t find the exact same one I tried to link a similar one.  The best news is that several of these items are on sale!!!! If you were to come shopping with me at any given time, you’d quickly discover that I rarely will pay full price for an item, rather, I like to sit back and keep an eye on something I really love waiting for it to go on sale.  Part of what makes this plan successful is I have a select few stores that I truly love and keep an eye on and as a result have learned their sale patterns over time.  Having only a few rather than many make it manageable to truly learn the sale patterns, as well as keep a more coherent look to my style from outfit to outfit.  (If you’d like to know more about which stores I like to shop at and how I decide when to pay full price or wait for an item go on sale, leave a comment or email me and I’ll put together a post!)

Now, for some fun details about this outfit!  This whole summer I have been loving dresses and rompers for their simplicity.  They take the work out of getting dressed in the morning and I am looking forward to transitioning them into the fall with jean jackets and cute tights with booties.  I have made it a goal to have a couple cute, casual dresses like this that are fun and easy to throw on for a coffee date with a friend or just running errands.  I wore this one this past week for an impromptu coffee date with one of my best friends!

What are some of your favorite items that are your go-to when you need a fast and cute outfit for the day?  Do you have any fun outfits that you’re looking forward to transitioning to fall?

Until next time!


Leighton Michele

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