Introducing: Lily James!


Dress: Marisol Maxi Dress by Lily James c/o Shoes: Dolce Vita Earrings: Versona 

Bracelet: Mexico

Hola from Honduras everyone!  I am so excited to announce to you that before I left for Honduras I was able to partner with The Lily James Collection as an ambassador for them this summer.  When I saw this dress on their website I knew that it was the dress I wanted to feature on here for you guys.  It was love at first sight.  I love the clean, brightness of the white, crinkle material, and the detailing down the front is just stunning!  Also, how could you not fall in love with this open back?  I am a sucker for unique details, so this back was right up my alley.  It will be perfect for the dressy summer party that you want something nice to wear but not be too hot in.  I actually ended up bringing it with me here to Honduras and wore it with a navy tank top underneath for church here!  It is so versatile and I am in love with it!  I can’t wait to share it with you how I’ve worn it here in Honduras in some posts next week on everything that has been happening here.  In the mean time know that I am loving it here and truly can’t wait to share it with all of you when I have some time to sit down and sort through all of the pictures.  In the mean time, go check out Lily James, here is a special code so you can receive 10% off your order!

code: StyledbyLeighton

Blessings from Honduras,

Leighton Michele

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