Finding the Right Hair Stylist for You

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If you’re anything like I used to be, the thought of finding a hair dresser was simply overwhelming.  I happened to get lucky and win a prize at a game night to a local hair salon and fall in love with my stylist, but unfortunately it isn’t always that easy.  So to help you in your search of finding the right stylist for you, I have comprised a list of what makes the ideal stylist.

  1.  You have a similar taste in fashion, and most importantly hair.  When you are sharing your vision of what you want done to your hair, it will be easier for your stylist to catch the idea if your taste in fashion is similar.  For instance, if you love long hair but your stylist prefers short, she might have a harder time understanding why you’d want to keep it long if she thinks short hair is the prettiest.  (This is not always the case, but it is definitely something to consider.)
  2.  She/he has experience.  I prefer to know that the person cutting my hair has several years of experience and not fresh out of school.  She/ he has had time to build their reputation and chances are you’ll be able to find more reviews for them that will let you know if they are worth taking a risk on.
  3. Has knowledge of your hair type.  While this one is similar to above, it is important enough to mention it.  If you have very curly hair and your hair dresser has no experience with curly hair, you might not want to risk being her first client.  This can be said for every hair type though, as someone with very thick hair, I need a hair dresser that understands my need for a cut that will help me tame my hair rather than make it even crazier.
  4. Will always be honest with you about your idea.  Let’s face it, we’ve all had those moments where maybe we just didn’t have the greatest idea.  One of the things I love most about my stylist is that she is always honest with me on if what I want to do to my hair will actually look good on my face shape and hair type.  I am not saying she is a dream killer by any means, rather, she will point me in a direction that is often similar, but is tailored to fit me.  As a result, I have yet to leave the salon hating or even disliking what she has done to my hair.  Rather, I tend to leave singing her praises and in love with my do ‘do.

Now, I do think that it is important to place a reminder in here that you cannot put all of the responsibility on your stylist.  If you do not come in with a clear vision of what you want, and ideally some pictures (can we say pinterest?), then you can expect that it may not turn out exactly as you had hoped.  It is important to do our homework before we visit the salon to have the results we hope for.

Now that you have read what I look for in a stylist, what are some of your tips?


Leighton Michele

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