Winter Church Outfit


Sweater: Bloch  Skirt: Gianni Bini  Shoes: Steve Madden

I love to dress up, so when Sunday comes around I love the excuse to pull out one of my skirts or dresses and get ready for church.  I love the feeling of putting on a special outfit that doesn’t get worn very much to go worship the King of the universe.  While it is not necessary and I can come to God no matter what I am wearing, I love the feeling of putting on my best for Him.

This skirt is one of the items I mentioned on Instagram from the Dillard’s New Years sale.  I may be a bit of a sucker for anything Gianni Bini, so when it is on sale (especially for the New Years sale prices)  I can’t help but get an item or two.  🙂  The sweater is actually a dance warm up sweater that I love to wear every day since when you are dancing it is often to hot to truly wear a sweater.  Then, as for the shoes, they are the ones I mentioned in my previous post about the Dillard’s sale that I had been dreaming about since last summer, they are just so much fun to wear!  I’ve also worn this outfit with black tights when it was to cold outside for bare legs, they add just enough warmth to make it through these cold winter days.


Leighton Michele

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