New Years Deals and Favorite Fashion Blogs

New Years day I had so much fun heading to my local Dillard’s for their big New Years day sale.  If you’re not familiar with this sale, go ahead and mark your calendar for next year, every item in the store that is already marked down with a pink tag (which is a large part of the inventory) is an additional 50% off the lowest price on the tag.  It was better than Black Friday!  For well under $100 I was able to buy two skirts, a shirt and a cute pair of shoes that were all good brands and each item was normally over $100!  I can’t wait to share the ways I am planning on styling these items with you, but couldn’t wait to share a cute picture of the shoes I was able to score!


I have had my eye on these Steve Madden fringe heels since last summer and was so excited to discover they were part of the sale!  Also, in case you think it was easy taking this picture of them, here are some pictures of my “little helper” trying to “help” me.  🙂


Taking pictures in the house can be interesting with this little guy around.  He is curious about everything and wants to check out anything that is slightly out of the ordinary, like the shoes and shoe box on the floor.  🙂  It definitely makes it interesting trying to keep him out of mischief!

I also thought I’d share my three favorite blogs with you today!  My first, Coral and Charm, is a fashion & lifestyle blog I found through Instagram and has quickly become one of my favorites to read.   The second one, Pink Peonies, is a fashion blog a friend of mine Ricki (who also blogs here) told me about.  My third favorite blog is, Barefoot Blonde, I love her hair tutorials and her posts about her family are so cute!

What are some of your favorite blogs and how did you find them?  Have you ever read any of my favorites?  Also, did you go to any special sales on New Years Day and score some fun deals?


Leighton Michele

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