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I LOVE Christmas stories, especially ones that over the years have become one of my traditions to read before Christmas each year.  Today I thought I would share my most favorite Christmas stories with you!

The first one on my list would be The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury.  It is such a sweet heartwarming tale that was even just made into a Hallmark movie this year! It is tells the story of a book store named The Bridge and how four lives are forever changed because of the store.

I love reading all of the books in Karen Kingsbury’s The Red Gloves Series, but every year I make sure that I finish with Maggie’s Miracle from this series, I have to read the epilogue on Christmas Eve every year, it is just beautiful!  It tells the story of a young widow named Megan who used to be known as Maggie that has stopped believing in love and is just struggling to survive with her young son Jordan.   Her son Jordan is struggling since his dad died so she enrolls him in a program for a “big brother” but finds a miracle for herself instead.

Another story that I love to read each year is Two Tickets to a Christmas Ball by Donita K. Paul.  It tells a fun, whismical story of a man and woman who discover a magical book shop that holds a Christmas ball each year to only a few select people.  Things almost fall apart when Cora gives Simon her ticket so he can take his sister, is it to late for these two to find a Christmas love?

I’ve added links to all of the books as well as the movie.  What are some of your favorite Christmas books?  Have you read any of these Christmas stories before?

Merry Christmas!

Leighton Michele

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