Thanksgiving Outfit Insperation


Can you believe that Thanksgiving is this week?  I can’t wait to celebrate with my family.  My family is hosting this year, so both sets of grandparents will be coming over to our house to celebrate with us.  We will have all of the wonderful traditional foods, with a few bonus pies besides pumpkin thrown in.  My dad and grandpa will probably spend the afternoon watching football, while all of us girls will be enjoying talking.  I will be thrilled because starting that night I will be able to play all of the Christmas music I want without anyone getting upset that I have started before Thanksgiving and already getting excited about the prospect of decorating the house for Christmas this weekend.  However, with Thanksgiving coming up in only two days, have you figured out what you are going to wear for the family gatherings?  If you haven’t, below I have linked to some of my old posts to give you a little outfit inspiration!  Also, check back on Thanksgiving to see which of these outfits I am linking to that I have decided to wear for the festivities!  Then, coming Friday the first Christmas themed outfit of the season!

Glittering Heels 

Pumpkin Patch Adventures 

Haunted Houses

Painted Pumpkins

Barn Party

Poncho Love

Fur Vests and Plaid Scarves

Trucks and Fur Vests

Happy Thanksgiving!

Leighton Michele

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