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Poncho: Xhileration Jeans: Mossimo Shoes: White Mountain

I was looking ahead on my calendar today and realized that Thanksgiving is actually just under two weeks away!  How is this possible?  Didn’t we just celebrate Halloween?  Fall is flying to fast for me, but it isn’t over yet, not until that yummy turkey and apple pie leftovers are put away will the season be fully over.  (Though that doesn’t mean a Christmas carol or two hasn’t been played at my house.)  If you’re anything like me, you like to plan ahead a little for special events coming up, which means I’m already thinking ahead through my options for what to wear on Thanksgiving, so I thought I’d share some of my outfits I’m considering over the next two weeks with you in hopes that maybe it will inspire you too!

This outfit is definitely one of my top contenders, the poncho is so cute and on trend this fall, yet also leaves you with plenty of room to eat all the yummy pie and dressing your heart desires on Thanksgiving day.  The shoes add a fun twist to the outfit, the heels dress them up, but they are thick enough to be comfortable for whatever the day brings.  (Minus a potential walk after lunch, I’ll have a pair of tennis shoes along for that. 😉 )   I left the jewelry to a minimum for this outfit, with just a simple pair of earrings, though you could definitely add jewelry to the look if you wanted to.

Have you thought ahead to what you want to wear for Thanksgiving this year?  If so, what are some of the styles you are thinking about?  Is a poncho on your list of maybes?

Leighton Michele

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